Insects play a significant role in the functioning of healthy ecosystems and human well-being. By providing vital services such as pollination, matter decomposition, and bio-control, they greatly influence the living world. Therefore, our ability and expertise to recognize insect species and biodiversity is fundamental for their conservation.

Through this large scale initiative the European Commission aims to assess the available taxonomic expertise on insects across Europe. More detailed assessments at Member State level will also be done for selected taxa of particular importance, such as pollinators.

The Red List of Insect Taxonomists is a call for collective action to the community of experts: bring your expertise into scope and give your contribution to preserving insect life.

The Red List of Insect Taxonomists project will provide:

  • Detailed information on the current number, location and profile of insect taxonomists.
  • Assessment of the status and future trends of insect taxonomic expertise.
  • Recommendations for strengthening the taxonomic expertise in Europe.
  • Communication materials designed to improve the understanding among policy makers, stakeholders and the general public of the role of a solid European taxonomic community in tackling the decline of insects.


The final deliverables produced in December 2022 are available as Brochure, Poster and Flyer.

Bombus fragrans (Pallas, 1771)
Illustration by Denitsa Peneva